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Attention Harness Racing Community! More financial assistance you may be eligible for!
Kent County Levy Court is offering a $500 grant to businesses in Kent County who have suffered a COVID related hardship. The application and W-9 form are attached. For the W-9 include the EIN number for your business, or if you do not have one, your social security number. A map of the Levy Court districts is also attached because applicants have to include the Levy Court district in which their business is located. The forms on this post can be clicked on to be made bigger and printed out.
It's important to note that although you can submit the application via mail, uploading the information and emailing to is the best way to apply. In the blank space for business license, just write “harness horse business.” We have advised the county of the harness horsemen’s exemption from having business licenses.

"Amended Regulations Regarding Nutrient Management During COVID-19”
Please see this link regarding your nutrient management program.

Please copy & paste the link in your browser for more information.


The Delaware Standardbred Owners Association (DSOA) is a non-profit organization that helps protect & promote harness racing in the First State! The DSOA works with management at local racetracks to make sure the needs of the horsemen and horsewomen are met.

The group also lobbies for the best legislation, that will benefit our great Standardbred industry.



For those racing & entering paddock, please read the following....“Horsemen MUST bring their own water to the paddock if they want drinking water. Harrington Raceway is unable to have water coolers in the paddock, or even water bottles in ice tubs because of the potential liability for COVID-19 transmission. Both water coolers and bottles become “touch” points that requires that they be constantly sanitized, which is impractical. Hopefully this will not go on very long and water will be available in the paddock sometime in the future”.


Please note the new paddock & lasix schedule starting for Monday, June 29

as we begin a

12-race schedule

at Harrington Raceway.

There are currently two types of loans available: Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) and Paycheck Protection Loans (PPP). You can apply for both loans, but you can’t use funds from each loan for the same expenses such as payroll, rent, insurance, etc.
Here are 10 things you need to know about the loan programs:
1. If you are a business with under 500 employees, you are considered a small business (with some exceptions) and can qualify for the loans. Nonprofits and veterans’ organizations also qualify. All 50 states have been declared disaster areas and, therefore, no matter where your company is based, you may apply.
2. The EIDL loans offer up to $2 million for working capital needs such as fixed debt and payroll. The interest rate is 3.75% for businesses and 2.75% for nonprofits with a 30-year term possible. There is an automatic one-year deferment on repayment so the first payment is not due for a full year, although interest begins to accrue at time of disbursement.
3. If you apply for an EIDL loan, you can request a $10,000 grant for working capital. The SBA claims you will receive this grant within three days of the application filing, whether or not you ultimately qualify for a loan. Again, it is a grant that does not have to be repaid.
4. The PPP loans provide up to $10 million over 10 years at 4% interest. You can calculate how much you are eligible for by multiplying your 2019 average payroll costs for all employees earning under $100,000 by 2.5. This includes salary, health insurance, and paid sick leave.
5. Eight (8) weeks of the PPP loan amount will be considered a grant and forgiven.
6. The SBA is waiving the previous requirement for having additional credit options, and the need to apply for additional credit and failing to secure it prior to applying for these loans—the “Credit Elsewhere Test.” They will also be lenient if you have a poor credit score and are looking more at future lost revenue than ability to repay.
7. The SBA is waiving the requirement to secure the loan with real estate or a personal guaranty, and review of personal financial statements.
8. Independent contractors, self-employed, and sole proprietors do qualify for these loans.
9. The SBA is authorizing banks and other commercial lenders currently authorized to make SBA loans to originate and administer these new loans. They are actively seeking new institutions to do so in order to meet increased demand.
10. Apply at





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A special congratulations to Delaware's Mia Davis for such an outstanding accomplishment!

The daughter of Martin & Amy Davis has been honored with the 2020 HHI Jerome L. Hauck Scholarship!



Please note:

No Governor's Day Racing
at Delaware State Fair

Delaware Department of Labor is working to allow “independent contractors” and “self-employed” people eligible for unemployment.

Please see the important information below.....

DOL Releases Guidance for Independent Contractors and Self-employed Seeking Unemployment Through the CARES Act
[WILMINGTON, DE] THURSDAY APRIL 16, 2020 – The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act recently passed by the United States Congress and signed into law on March 27th provides unemployment assistance to independent contractors and those self-employed who have been affected by the Coronavirus.
Most state’s unemployment systems determine eligibility and process payments for workers whose wages are reported by their employers and verified through the Division of Unemployment Insurance (DUI). In order to begin processing claims for this new category of eligible individuals and prevent fraud, abuse and identity theft, the Federal US Department of Labor requires that states design new systems to pay benefits to independent contractors/self-employed and ensure the validity of their claims.
Delaware Department of Labor (DOL) is currently working with a vendor to design and test new technologies that will integrate with our existing benefits claims system. This technology will allow the Division of Unemployment Insurance (DUI) to verify earnings reported to the IRS and determine the eligibility of independent contractors and the self-employed to apply for benefits under the (CARES) Act.
We anticipate that these workers will be able to apply through this new system within 3-6 weeks. We will provide more details regarding implementation and how to apply on our website next week.
“The hardship that the coronavirus pandemic has placed on Delaware workers is unprecedented. These workers will receive the much-needed assistance provided to them under the CARES Act. We are working around the clock to make that happen; Hopefully, ahead of schedule” said Cerron Cade, Secretary of the Delaware Department of Labor.
Once the system is ready to receive applications from those who are self-employed or are independent contractors, DOL will require specific documentation available at the time you submit your application online. The documents you will need are as follows:
Driver license or State issued Identification
Your last year’s income tax statement or quarterly earnings statement
State of Delaware Business License number
Current bank account number and routing number
To date, DOL has processed and paid 70% of initial claims for benefits submitted to their offices since March 1st and is currently paying more than $30 million in benefits to affected workers each week. The agency has received more than 60,000 claims in 4 weeks; nearly double the total number of claims received in 2019.
To view our most updated frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) regarding unemployment insurance, and to be notified when the application for benefits is available for self-employed individuals and independent contractors in Delaware, text uifacts to 555888.
Additional resources are available on our websites at or You can also call our offices at 302-761-8446. Call hold time is longer than usual. For a quicker response please email Include your full name, including middle initial, contact information and claim number. To process an initial claim for unemployment benefits please visit

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